W TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is a is a publicly traded (WTCG.PK) diversified holding company in the forefront of a profound paradigm shift in the usage of mobile and TV advertising and social media technologies combined with clean environmental technologies for water, oil and gas natural resources, and new ways to finance these companies.

    Through our subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide and with our wide breadth of experiences, W Technologies seeks corporate and shareholder value growth through acquisitions and organic growth in new emerging technology based markets.As a diversified holding company with a focus on the natural evolution of new technologies and services it is our mission to develop, manage and finance emerging companies in the following areas:

    • Environmental Friendly Oil and Gas Recovery Technology
    • Environmental Friendly Clean Water Technology
    • Real Estate Investments and Financial Services
    • Social and Mobile Media Advertising
    • Advanced Health Care Products
    • Innovative On-line Sales and Marketing

    W-Technologies is always looking for new companies to work with or investors for our current projects. Please contact us today to find out more about W-Technologies and how we can make our projects work for you.

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